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Shared snapshots from our residents!

Mastodon #OpenSim feed from GroovyToot

There are two things that I keep noticing when exploring the Hypergrid: One, many many sims lack illumination in any shape or form. It is as if many sim builders are completely unaware of the concept of in-world objects shining a light on something else. Basically, when it's dark, the sims are actually dark. It actually pays off for the sims to have the default EEP or Windlight settings with their unnaturally bright nightly ambient light.

Two, however: They still aren't really that dark everywhere. Some things glow in the dark although they shouldn't. Entire buildings, plants, street segments, what-have-you.

I've got a few possible explanations for this phenomenon.

The first one is that the builders simply don't care or even notice when something that isn't a building is glowing. If it's a plant, they don't pay attention to such small details. If it's a building, it might be more of a case of convenience: It's easier to make the interior of a building, furniture included, full bright than to go find and install lamps which, in turn, is easier than making your own working lamps. And it's even easier to make the whole building full bright.

The other two are based on my suspicion that the sim builders have their viewers permanently set to midday. But why would they?

Either if they find their sims too dark at night, switching to midday is even easier and more convenient than making anything glow, let along educating yourself about full bright first.

Or they simply use OpenSim on absolute toasters. In order to have FPS beyond a slideshow, they have to turn everything in the graphics settings off that they possibly can. I'm not just talking about shadows, normal/specular maps and water reflections. I'm also taking about transparent water, atmospheric shaders and all light sources that can possibly be turned off, i.e. everything except the Sun, the Moon and ambient.

They may actually have tried installing light sources on sims before, but they didn't see a difference. Or if they did see a difference, the FPS took a nose dive at the same time.

So if they justify the lack of illumination on their sims with, "Nobody else has lights on their sims either," it's either because illumination is so rare in OpenSim that they genuinely only ever end up on sims with no light sources. Or it's because they can't see the light sources after having turned them off in the viewer.

Those who are simply too lazy and who don't care while having a powerful enough machine will end up having a hard time with PBR. It'll simply look drab to them in-doors. That's because PBR heavily relies on light sources that are not ambient. But if you don't install any lights in building, and you have shadows on, ambient light is the only light you have.

I guess the only way to mitigate this would be if all those super-popular freebie sims that see more visitors than Lbsa Plaza only offered lamps that actually act as light sources and buildings with already built-in lamps. If sensible, these lamps would have to be scripted and emit light by default, otherwise they'd have to emit light permanently.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #SimBuilding #PetPeeve

miroir mon beau miroir dit moi qui est le plus beau ? ..
un vieux rêve sur #opensim le miroir c est avec le nouveau #firestorm v7

Just yesterday, the Firestorm team released the Firestorm Viewer Although they only advertise the new version for Second Life, the OpenSim variants have been upgraded, too.

So @Juno Rowland, my little in-world sister, helped me test it and travelled around a bit.

Firestorm 7 introduced three major changes. The first one is the introduction of Physically-Based Rendering. The second one, along with it, is that the Advanced Lighting Model is now permanently on. This caused a lot of commotion in the Second Life and OpenSim communities and fearmongering that Second Life and OpenSim will now require high-end gaming machines.

The third change, however, is the introduction of multi-threading. Up until Firestorm 6, the viewer was single-threaded, and only one CPU core was ever used. So if your Firestorm was slow, that probably wasn't because it drove your hardware to its limits but because it actually didn't. In contrast, Firestorm 7 makes use of all CPU cores. And the test drive was done on a not-quite-new-anymore AMD CPU with six cores and a dozen threads.

So after Juno had logged in, Firestorm produced a rather stable 60fps. Then again, that wasn't too unusual, given she didn't exactly login with a toaster, and the graphics settings were lowered somewhat. So she turned ambient occlusion on. Still 60fps. She turned shadows on. Still 60fps. Then she went for the new settings. Screen Space Reflections. Still 60fps, although there wasn't that much around her that was reflective. Even with mirrors on and reflection detail set to realtime, the fps didn't drop, only the CPU and GPU fans howled increasingly.

It did show that the new Firestorm and its new rendering engine are still a bit rough around the edges. Ambient occlusion under nothing but sunlight and ambient light seems a lot grainier now. The water surface is somewhat prone to tearing. And with mirrors on, it produces nasty cyan, magenta and yellow artifacts.

Still, Firestorm 7 stayed blazing fast. So we decided to challenge it a bit. Juno put on a Clutterfly Ruffled Bottom Dress, notorious for raising your avatar rendering complexity by a whopping half million, and then she went to Lbsa Plaza.

Lbsa Plaza promised to be a challenge for two reasons. One, it's Blinn-Phong galore now with a floor texture that's both specular-mapped and normal-mapped, and it has a lot of stuff standing around that'll demand its share of graphics power. Since its redesign, it looks like Nexus Storm of Neverworld fame had a part in it because she actually did. Two, you're practically never alone, and if there's something that eats into your graphics performance, it's avatars.

At this time of day, only few avatars were around plus the usual few animesh figures. With three or four avatars on-screen and shadows and ambient occlusion still on, Firestorm still delivered 50fps or more. Even with eight avatars, it didn't go under 40fps. Firestorm 6 would be lucky to reach 20fps without shadow and without ambient occlusion in the same situation on the same hardware.

Also at Lbsa Plaza, there is a sci-fi helmet on display with very detailed glossy surfaces and various bruises on it. It really demonstrates what the new Firestorm can do. I'm not sure, but it may actually already have been built using PBR materials. After all, this should be possible, seeing as OSgrid still is the same experimental grid as which it was launched back in 2007, and Lbsa Plaza runs on a development version of OpenSim from Wednesday evening. But that helmet didn't cut into the performance at all.

Something else we've noticed: When an avatar with a facelight teleports out, the illumination by the facelight disappears immediately.

Juno's next stopover was the Dereos Grid, the PSSMG Freebie Mall, to be more specific. It's a very detail-rich mixture of classic prim construction and custom meshes. This particular sim, being an "official" sim of the grid, runs on a special version of OpenSim. It used to be the ArribaSim fork, but Arriba itself stopped being developed even before OpenSim It was then forked by Freaky Tech and eventually forked again or taken over by grid admin Akira Sonoda. In fact, it doesn't even have all features of OpenSim included; for example, it still doesn't support universal layers, nor does it support BoM scripting. In fact, Bakes-on-Mesh itself was backported from a newer vanilla version because Arriba's development came to a halt before BoM was introduced to vanilla.

And so the newest and most advanced Firestorm met a not really up-to-date OpenSim.

First of all, the FPS dropped to something between 20 and 35 while looking at the town from an elevated location, depending on what was visible. This has to be due to the many details and being out in the open.

I've also noticed a reflective ground that didn't reflect a building immediately adjacent. Otherwise there was no trouble that I might attribute to the new version.

One bug that persists, however, is that Firestorm renders certain surfaces on certain mesh objects persistently and reproducibly as plain white.

All in all, however, I'll stick with the new version, seeing as how performant it has grown.

#Long #LongPost #CWLong #CWLongPost #OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #PhysicallyBasedRendering #PBR #Firestorm #FirestormViewer

@stefan (シュテファン) Erster Voreindruck vom Firestorm 7.1.9 aus OpenSim:

Er ist grafisch schneller. Viel schneller. Und meine Maschine (Ryzen 5 3600X, Radeon RX590) ist nun wirklich nicht high-end.

Events mit vielen Avataren habe ich noch nicht getestet, dafür hätte der neue Firestorm einen Tag eher kommen müssen, aber generell kann ich ihm grafikmäßig sehr viel zumuten und habe trotzdem stabil meine Obergrenze von 60 fps. Ambient Occlusion, Schatten, Screen Space Reflections, immer noch 60 fps.

Da merkt man die Multithreading-Fähigkeit. Wo die älteren Firestorms in die Knie gingen, holt der neue sich einfach mehr Leistung von der Hardware, und die Kühlung der Maschine fönt mehr.

Erst wenn die Schattenqualität auf Fotoniveau hochgedreht wird, geht die Framerate in die Knie. Aber beim alten Firestorm war da schon längst Diashow angesagt.

Grafisch merkt man noch, es ist ein erster Schuß. Ambient Occlusion ist entweder neuerdings ziemlich verrauscht, oder das fällt mir erst jetzt auf. Wasserreflexionen scheinen gerade in Bewegung noch so etwas wie Tearing zu zeigen, und mit Spiegelung zeigen sich deutliche Artefakte auf dem Wasser in Cyan, Magenta und Gelb. Daß das am Standardwasser in OpenSim liegt, glaube ich weniger, das tritt nämlich auch bei Wasser auf, das von Windlight nach EEP konvertiert wurde. Außerdem spiegeln Spiegel nicht unbedingt das Innere eines Mesh-Gebäudes.

PBR-Content ist mir noch nicht untergekommen, aber irgendwo gibt's schon eine Versuchssim mit PBR.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #PhysicallyBasedRendering #PBR #Firestorm #FirestormViewer

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #officeHours

Résumé en fr de la réunion des développeurs :

18-06-2024 :

* Changements : corrections du code du terrain PBR, code redondant
* Bugs : SqLite, bug de recherche sur avec les UUID de parcelles
* Impact des changements du code Linden Lab sur OpenSim
* Firestorm : terrain PBR, VR Mod
* Shrapview :actualités, WGPU, RUST

* Thèmes des réunions triés par domaine :

Bonne lecture et bonne semaine OpenSim !

So @Jupiter Rowland and I are at the Wolf Fest, courtesy of @Lone Wolf who's attending another one of the three parallel events on the same sim.

@Rogue Galaxy is singing, or she's trying to. She has spent four and a half hours singing yesterday, and her voice is kind of shot.

When she called for people in the audience to join her as dancers or musicians, Jupiter did. And he whipped out a whole bunch of synths out of nowhere.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualEvent #WolfTerritories #WolfTerritoriesGrid #WolfGrid #WolfFest

What really gave me to think when looking at Hypergrid Business' OpenSim statistics for May was the varying discrepancy between active users, Hypergridders included, and land mass on the various grids.

The biggest grids in land mass are both special cases. Being the second-largest grid with 29,248 standard regions, the Wolf Territories Grid is one because it's largely varsims, and at least the mainland is varsims from 4x4 upward. Whereas other grids are dominated by standard-region-sized sims, a typical Wolf Territories sim is 16 of these. Also, @Lone Wolf himself is probably still the owner of the most land in the metaverse. At the same time, the Wolf Territories Grid tops the list of most active grids with 6,232 MAUs.

OSgrid, largest with 32,547 standard regions, easily leaving Second Life in the dust, and second-busiest with 5,186 MAUs, is a special case because it doesn't offer land rentals. Everything that isn't an official sim is attached to the grid and hosted by its users. Size-wise, that goes from single personal sims hosted at home to whole archipelagos of varsims like Tropicana Estates (which used to be a whole lot bigger even) or Nautilus Estates. Technically speaking, OSgrid is the one grid with the most region servers. Also, for this reason, OSgrid's land mass always takes a little dive whenever they do a clean-up and remove dead sims from their map because many don't shut their sims down properly when removing them. At the same time, of course, OSgrid is a popular destination for Hypergridders even beyond parking your avatar at Lbsa Plaza.

Now let's take a look at some other grids.

Kitely is the third-largest grid with 18,077 standard regions, but the 20th-busiest grid with only 627 MAU. But it's a popular builders' grid due to its stability. Kitely's trick to cope with that much land is to shut all sims down when they aren't populated and start them up again when someone wants to enter them, a trick that was later re-implemented by DreamGrid.

ZetaWorlds is the fourth-largest grid with 12,910 standard regions, but only the 21st-busiest grid with only 596 MAU. I doubt that this includes the 3rd Wind community. Still, one reason ZetaWorlds is so large and underpopulated is its huge ocean, consisting of dozens upon dozens of varsims; I think it was 3x3s. It's so big that it takes well over five minutes to cross in a motor boat at full speed. Even Stark, a nudism-encouraging archipelago of 14 4x4 vars, that's still 224 standard regions in the hands of three owners, doesn't make up a large percentage of ZetaWorlds' land area. The lack of MAU can be explained by ZetaWorlds not letting avatars from lots of grids in for reliability reasons.

Alternate Metaverse is actually balanced. It's the fifth-busiest grid with 2,025 MAU and the fifth-largest grid with 10,178 standard regions. This may not seem balanced, but AMV residents love to build big, too. Grid owners Cataplexia Numbers and Clifford Hanger seem to almost always build vars because they always need lots of room. Welcome and Annex are exceptions because they're practically entirely indoors. Chris McCracken builds vars so big that even he gets lost without a proper map. And AMV was where Jimmy Olsen inflated Norway-themed Alfheim from an already respectable 4x4 with lots of details to a 10x10 giant before it sadly vanished. At the same time, AMV has loads of events which also attract Hypergridders.

GroovyVerse, sixth-largest at 7,837 standard regions and 23rd-busiest with only 514 MAUs, is a community effort in building a whole lot of land. It's actually building a sim-crossing railway network which by now may be larger than the one in the Wolf Territories, and that one already takes quite some time to travel.
One reason for the lack of activity may be because only few sims are advertised on OpenSimWorld, and so only few people know about them in the first place. That's partly because of @Hyacinth 🏳️‍⚧️ ☮️'s very justified love-hate relationship towards OSW to say the least. In fact, she "loves" OSW so much that she is working on an alternative to replace it.

Shoalwater Bay is another interesting case: The tenth-largest grid with 1,072 standard regions isn't even in the top 25 of busiest grids. The reason becomes apparent if you look at its grid map, and the grid name is a dead giveaway: It's a sailing grid with only 49 adjacent sims, six of which are 8x8 vars, the other 43 being 4x4 vars. Over half a dozen sims don't even seem to have any actual land on them.

The GBG Metaverse, formerly GreekLife Breath Grid, is the opposite case. It's the third-busiest grid with 2,239 MAU, but only the tenth-largest grid with only 956 standard regions. This is astounding for two reasons. One, GBG is the result of two grid mergers. First, the Tranquility Grid was merged into the younger Little Breath Grid. And then Little Breath merged with GreekLife. Two, GreekLife used to make renting at least one sim mandatory for every resident. GBG has switched to a different model: Your inventory is limited to 5,000 items unless you rent land or donate. Still, I wonder where the discrepancy comes from, seeing as GBG doesn't have any super-popular events or freebie sims.

Even more extreme: Darkheart's Playground and WaterSplash are number seven and eight in MAU, both between 1,600 and 1,700. But neither is even in the top 40 of largest grids. However, both are famous for one very popular freebie sim each, Darkheart's Boutiques and iPleasure respectively, the latter being the home of the R. Lion "brand". I think both grids have only got about half a dozen sims each or so. So either the stats are vastly dominated by Hypergridders, or people create alts on these grid to make grubbing freebies and passing them on to their mains easier and circumvent grid blocks. For example, AFAIK, ZetaWorlds has blocked both, and in the case of Darkheart's Playground, the block is mutual. I'd really like to see the faces of the users when they discover that most content offered on both grids is no-transfer.

Last but not least, Neverworld makes me wonder, too. It reported 1,101 MAUs, ranking ninth, on only 343 standard regions, ranking 22th. And that's considering this grid is mostly vars, too. Most of it is joined together in one big mainland connected by a network of streets. A lot of it is owned by grid owner Govega Sachertorte and split into parcels for everyone to rent for free, even Hypergridders. Still, most of that land is vacant, maybe also because you can't set your home out in the Hypergrid, so it isn't quite useful as a dwelling-place unless you're a Neverworlder. What probably causes the most traffic, however, are Nexus Storm's several large freebie sims.

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@kaleb Okay, a few bits of good advice.

First of all, your feet are partially white because you're wearing classic "shoes". You can tell them by the shoe symbol on something you're wearing.

If you don't absolutely need them, take them off. If you need them, edit them. Edit the texture. Set it to transparent. Save the shoes afterwards. Take them off and put them on again to be sure.

Next, your shorts don't fit your body. Just like in Second Life, your clothes should always match your body. You can't wear clothes for Signature Gianni on an eBody body and expect them to fit. The only difference is that the names in OpenSim can be different from Second Life, and that OpenSim uses a mish-mash of Second Life and OpenSim names.

You're obviously wearing a BoM mesh body. Which one is it?

If it's an Adonis 4 (that's actually Slink Physique Male), you should only wear clothes

with "Adonis" on them
with "Slink" on them
with the Sacrarium logo and/or typical Sacrarium brand names on them, e.g. MGmen; I think they were all originally rigged for Slink Physique Male

If it's some Apollo upgraded to BoM or a Signature Gianni, you should only wear clotheswith "Apollo" on them
with "Signature" on them
with "Gianni" on them
with "Decadence" on them
in those typical boxes with the wide black margin on the left and white writing on the margin; go visit any copy of Grimm to see what I mean what they look like[/list]
If it's some Ares upgraded to Bom or a Belleza Jake, you should only wear clothes
with "Ares" on them
with "Belleza" on them[/list]
Never mix one body with clothes made for a wholly different body unless you know what you're doing.

If your body should still clip through the clothes, attach the HUD that came with the body. You'll find a front view and a rear view of the body somewhere, divided into small pieces. Click them and watch what's happening to your body. The corresponding areas of your body should disappear, and when you click them again on the HUD, they should re-appear.

Congrats, you've learned how the alpha HUD works. Now you can simply switch all parts of your body that clip through your clothes to invisible, and they no longer clip.

#Long #LongPost #CWLong #CWLongPost #OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #Avatar #Avatars

This is my OpenSim avatar. The best avatar that I did. I am not very good in doing nice avatar #opensim

les stats #opensim .

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #officeHours

Résumé en fr de la réunion des développeurs :

11-06-2024 :

* Ajout d'un support complet pour les terrains PBR
* Nouveaux tests unitaires avec Xunit
* Fonctionnement des recherches d'assets (SL versus OS)
* Viewers : PBR pour Dayturn et Firestorm. Nouvelle version pour Sharpview.
* Erratum patch hauteur de terrain.

* Thèmes des réunions triés par domaine :

Bonne lecture et bonne semaine OpenSim !

By the way: 3rd Rock Grid was apparently shut down two days ago, the night from 9th to 10th at midnight, almost four weeks after the announced shutdown date.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #3rdRockGrid

Regarding my recent #opensim post. I realize that there are other grid owners here, and their grids really are excellent too. I would like to put forward the notion. We are kind of like the chieftains of our collective world. We have a responsibility to protect our people and provide leadership in the wider community

If I may be so bold,I would like to suggest to the other grid owners to place a similar anti-bullying message on their pages. We have a diverse community, it benefits us all.

I am very happy I will have more time to devote to our virtual world.

GroovyVerse is an #opensim grid, and one of the larger ones in HG Business' top 20, and #6 in land.

Recent bullying in the #opensimulator community has made us realize that there is a need for a safe, peaceful place to call home, where LGBT people are respected,valued and loved. We will be opening our doors to new members over the coming weeks.

I'd love to hear what people's needs are, and how we can better serve you

Testing Mastodon share from my wordpress site.

GroovyVerse Railroad


My friend has been advocating for quite a while, that we should be including alt text in our images, describing the scene for vision impaired readers. I am going to try to be better about doing it, and I encourage others to do so as well.

Below is a picture of our railroad in our virtual world, GroovyVerse.

#opensim #opensimulator #vr #virtualworlds #secondlife

Excited. I got PeerTube installed on one of our servers. Now I am trying to grigure out how to get hooked up to relays.

#opensim #peertube

Kawabunga Bay at GroovyVerse


nUUtopia at GroovyVerse :)


I have been hearing about the Patch Linden ageplay thing all week, and just kind of dismissed it. I finally read the article. :(

#Secondlife has been a pretty dismal experience for a long time. I have been hanging on because of friends, and a church community.

I deleted my SL account this morning. We have our own beautiful #opensim world with good people, and fun, hopeful projects. I need to concentrate on that. SL truely is a rotted shell of it's former self. Right to the core.


GridPuppy OpenSim Directory

Random | About |

GridPuppy! - Less barking, more fun.

Meridian Outlands S2
Meridian Airport - A 5x5 Region Bordering Meridian and connecting it to the Main Grid Meridian -Deep seas - Alternate Metaverse Grid
Willywag Boat Launch
A great little place to hang out or launch a boat and explore the northern seas!
Black Angels, FUN ZOMBIE region Piggy Bank grid
For FUN ZOMBIES GAME touch the sign to tp XL Freebies shop near the landing ( wears, landscapes, animals, animesh, demons, skulls, skelettons, monsters, zombies, statues, decorations, coffins, Adult scripted stuff and more)......
Old World Mall
Old World Flavors, Fantasy & Roleplay clothing, Food, furnishings, abd buildings, Medieval & Fantasy, Elven, Fae, Human treasures! Alternate Metaverse Grid World Mall
Free Port
Aurora II Luxury Liner, SevenSeas
SevenSeas is the home of the luxury Cruise Ship Aurora II, a world class luxury liner featuring rentable cabins, Multiple shops, dining areas, club, ballroom, game room, theater, gardens & more!
Wyld Thangs Ride Park
Come be a Wyld Thang! Motocross, Skate Park, Horseback Riding, Boating, Beach, Scenic Drive and Movie Theater.
CLUTTERFLY Shopping Center, Piggy Bank grid
IT IS ALL FREE ..... Freebies ...Clutterfly, full perms, animations, animals, adult scripted furniture, textures, mesh, sculpts, clubs stuff, games, jewels, homes, gazebo, church, houses, rides, fishing game.... and more coming soon
Free Park
Miles of beach, Adult spa, Art gallery,Air & Sea port, Horses & trails, ATVs, Sailing, deserted islands, & a few hot tubs. Bring your Sexy! Explore, Dance, Enjoy! . Clothing optional fuck yer burn! Free Park is based on Baker Beach in SF.
Summervale - Forever Summer
A seasonal summer region owned by Cataplexia Numbers & the home of Sk8 Roller Skating Club, Summervale Castle, The Dive Tiki Bar & The Hacienda- Alternate Metaverse Grid
The Big Mamou!
A beautiful, funky shopping village and welcome area :)
Luscious Adult Resort
ADULT Beach Resort - Nudity or swimwear suggested. A fun place to hang out and explore. Try our our new, experimental surfing! Lots of places to cuddle and shag. Perpetually under construction. No child avatars please.
Luscious Adult Resort
ADULT Beach Resort - Nudity or swimwear suggested. A fun place to hang out and explore. Try our our new, experimental surfing! Lots of places to cuddle and shag. Perpetually under construction. No child avatars please.
Freebie in orient Style
new freebie region, this time in orient style or for roleplay. Lots of new things to see and take away. Have fun with it and build on your regions.
A little bit of everything, sofa, chair, table, dining, fireplace, lights, lamp, patio, bathroom, living room, dining, bar, gorean, bed, dresser, bedroom, *guide*
Inisfree Central Hub
Central Hub for the Orkney regions.
Resource Respawn
Fantasy, Goth, Backdrops, Clothing and Accessories, Decor, Buildings
Koryphon - A Dreamscape of Art & Music
Koryphon is a 5x5 VAR filled with Clubs:- Club Synergy, SK8 Rollerclub, The Hollow, Tiki Cove, The Coffee House Also: The Visual Poetry Art Gallery Art by Cataplexia Numbers
Meridian, the lines connecting mankind with the Sea. A Mer & Undersea community accessible to all. When complete Meridian will span an area of 9 5x5 central regions with 16 surrounding 5x5 regions on Alternate Metaverse Grid
Chubelz Welcome
wip wip wip hourra!!
que du mesh copy modif un laboratoire toujours en travaux. *guide*
Nautilus~Airport and Marina
Nautilus~ Airport has a Public Airport and Marina. There are gift shops a coffee house,Seaplanes , Jets and helicopters . The airport connects you to all the Nautilus Regions that are flyable and sailable.
Welcome Center, Shinobar Annex
Welcome Center of Shinobar in JOG
Mystery Creations
Here you can find the unique and beautiful stuff of Mystery Creations. Animals, Buildings, Trees, Flowers, Animated Pictures, Forest, Garden, Farm, Summer, Tropical, Halloween, Winter, Christmas
Chubbys Fairy Dreamland
Eine kleine, liebevoll gestaltete Fantasy-Sim mit Feen, Meerjungfrauen und vielen anderen Fantasy-Kreaturen. A small, lovingly designed fantasy sim with fairies, mermaids and many other fantasy creatures .
A medieval castle passed down through generations until the mid 1800s. Inhabited by a powerful Wizard, and his band of soldiers. -- Created by CyberGlo CyberStar
Welcome Home
Chubelz Marketplace

Other Hypergrid Happenings...

Hypergrid Happenings
Find the places, skip the drama. Click to open map
Yin Yang Town adult 9 avs Yang Town
Kitsilano 8 avs

Gulf Islands
Tropicana Tuneage adult 6 avs Tuneage
Infinity 6 avs
Gentle Fire Grid 6 avs Fire Grid
Agora adult 6 avs

Agora  Shopping Mall , Freebies, Mesh, Complete avatars, Clothes, Hellas, Agora    Liars and pedophiles with their friends are for ever banned
Lbsa Plaza 6 avs

Lbsa Plaza  Welcome to Social lounge - Check the Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out.Please follow rules, this is not a brothel or nudist camp. Plaza
NewLifeWelcome 5 avs
Eden Travels adult 5 avs Travels
Xenotown adult 5 avs
Wolf Mountain 4 avs Mountain
Mokka-Island adult 4 avs
Wolf Pack 4 avs Pack
Ruritania adult 4 avs
Valeria's Avatars 2 4 avs's Avatars 2
Hypergrid Games 4 avs Games
Dreamland Seas adult 4 avs Seas
Trianon Complex adult 4 avs Complex
R&M Creations 3 avs Creations
Friends adult 3 avs
GrandCayman 3 avs
Unbreakable Love 3 avs Love
Aruba 3 avs

Aruba Free Housing  1000 prim allowance; unlimited stay.    Click on an available Free Housing sign or Free Parcel sign AND click Yes. Joe Dokes will contact you within 36 hours to complete your processing.  Joe Dokes, Aruba landlord    Free rental house housing land tenant
Aruba 3 avs

Aruba Free Housing  1000 prim allowance; unlimited stay.    Click on an available Free Housing sign or Free Parcel sign AND click Yes. Joe Dokes will contact you within 36 hours to complete your processing.  Joe Dokes, Aruba landlord    Free rental house housing land tenant
NYSA adult 3 avs
Shinobar Annex 3 avs

Welcome Center, Shinobar Annex  Welcome Center of Shinobar in JOG Annex
Sharanns Lovely Hometown 2 avs

forgettn:80:Sharanns Lovely Hometown
Utopia 2 avs
Wongicity adult 2 avs
Dwell 2 avs

Dwell Mall  This Mall is a freebie and for Opemsim community   No drama allow you will be remove ! and sent home .
Lani 2 avs
Ancient Egypt adult 2 avs Egypt
Masala Al Kohav 2 avs Al Kohav
Isola Gregorian 2 avs Gregorian
Green Acres 2 2 avs Acres 2
Elysion adult 2 avs
The Pier 2 avs Pier
Maze ofthe Mind adult 2 avs

Your Parcel ofthe Mind
Mare Welcome adult 2 avs Welcome
Gilley's adult 2 avs's
Ana's Gothic Love adult 2 avs's Gothic Love
ArcadiaShop adult 2 avs
Gilleys Ranch 2 avs Ranch
Welcome Area adult 2 avs Area
Paradise Beach Cove adult 2 avs Beach Cove
Virtualgrid adult 2 avs

A town long forgotten  Enjoy
ShoppingDance adult 2 avs
Welcome adult 1 avs
Lugo 1 avs
Parsons Creek Lodge adult 1 avs Creek Lodge
Poliamor BR adult 1 avs BR
Fashion Boulevard II adult 1 avs Boulevard II
Three Rivers adult 1 avs

Welcome-PataGrid 1 avs
PanDelights adult 1 avs
Invernalia 1 avs
Torben Asp Memorial 1 avs Asp Memorial
AusMall-Shop 1 avs
Tejas 1 avs
Le Beau Retrouve adult 1 avs Beau Retrouve
Impero Island 1 avs Island
FreeHouseNewLife 1 avs

Free House New Life
Ipsofacto 1 avs
CFF-Furry1 adult 1 avs
Shadowlands adult 1 avs
MetaSea 1 avs
Nova Space Grid Welcome 1 avs

Welcome Centre  Welcome To Nova Space Grid :) Space Grid Welcome
Illusions adult 1 avs

Illusions  Illusions- Where dreams become reality!!   Boating, swimming, surfing,fishing, scuba diving, hang gliding, flying, rentals, beaches, game room, movies, spa, clubs and night life, and don't forget FUN!!!   Come get lost in Illusions!
Discovery City 1 avs City
Jungle Fever adult 1 avs Fever
Wolf Fest 1 avs Fest
Almaty on OSGrid1 adult 1 avs on OSGrid1
FLORA 1 avs
Lucidus adult 1 avs
ANVIL-Island 1 avs
Napoli 1 avs
AnsjelaGrid Welcome 1 avs Welcome
Catronian Archipelago 1 avs Archipelago
Andsim land 1 avs land
CMFreedom 1 avs
The Spoiled Diva Freebbie Store 1 avs Spoiled Diva Freebbie Store
The Rendezvous adult 1 avs Rendezvous
Jungle Friends 47 1 avs Friends 47
The Furniture Vault 1 avs Furniture Vault
Masala Estates Office adult 1 avs Estates Office
Barefoot Dreamers Mall 1 avs

Barefoot-Dreamers Grid Dreamers Mall
Avedon Park 1 avs Park
Dyvalls Shopping Fun 1 avs Shopping Fun
Cartabria adult 1 avs
Matahari Islands 1 avs Islands
Blindside Estates 1 avs Estates
Welcome 1 avs
Louisville 1 avs
ShapeShifter 1 avs

Kaneville Farm adult 1 avs Farm
Safe adult 1 avs
Magical Lands adult 1 avs Lands