A Tour of the Dark Metaverse

No, I do not mean the seedy underbelly. (well, maybe.. lol) This blog category is intended for hidden gems that do not get enough attention.

My criteria for included destinations? I am looking for places on non-commercial grids. Grids that are small, or not for profit. I am trying to find places with original creations, and not too much material ripped from Secondlife. Places that aren’t always on the popular list, or noisy clubs with hosts hustling for tips. I am also going to leave out places on our own grid, because we already have blog space. ๐Ÿ™‚

Please do not feel left out, or disrespected if I do not include your place in my travels. This is a journey and I am including spots that strike me as very different, quirky, or uncommonly beautiful.

Sabbat – Exiled Grid

From the land description: “Sabbat was a place where occultists from different covens were to celebrate the Wheel Of The Year. Time passed, a city emerged that beyond the atmosphere, kept the castle inherited from other eras. Thus arose a new city with old habits.”

Map address: exiled-grid.org:8002:Bruxas

Keeping it real. Keeping it positive. Keep your negative ass outta here. :)

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