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Resource Respawn
Fantasy, Goth, Backdrops, Clothing and Accessories, Decor, Buildings
Demo Avalon Cove - a perfect beachfront region ready for sailing and getting away from it all! Created by Ted Junior!
Safari clubhouse
Eine Stadt mit vielen Facetten ...
Mare Welcome
BDSM orientiert! Ab 18+! Shopping shopping shopping!
Chubelz Welcome
Ley Line
Am More focused on building objects in my region so its kind of empty in a way or full of spaces. I can only relax and be inspired in empty spaces. Yet am always developing new ideas so things might change at any given moment however with the same style.
Welcome to 3RD Rock Grid. For First time users, click on the left side of the welcome board to go the Freebie Center. For Visitors and Residents click on the Right side of the board to go to Navigation Island.
CLUTTERFLY Shopping Center, Piggy Bank grid
IT IS ALL FREE ..... Freebies ...Clutterfly, full perms, animations, animals, adult scripted furniture, textures, mesh, sculpts, clubs stuff, games, jewels, homes, gazebo, church, houses, rides, fishing game.... and more coming soon
Nautilus~Airport and Marina
Nautilus~ Airport has a Public Airport and Marina. There are gift shops a coffee house,Seaplanes , Jets and helicopters . The airport connects you to all the Nautilus Regions that are flyable and sailable.
Meridian Outlands S2
Meridian Airport - A 5x5 Region Bordering Meridian and connecting it to the Main Grid Meridian -Deep seas - Alternate Metaverse Grid
Monterey Bay
Chill, surf, relax, shop and check out the incredible builds including a (nearly finished) replica of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Many cool gifts hidden all over this gem. All are welcome.
Old World Mall
Old World Flavors, Fantasy & Roleplay clothing, Food, furnishings, abd buildings, Medieval & Fantasy, Elven, Fae, Human treasures! Alternate Metaverse Grid alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Old World Mall
AMV Freebies Mall, Alternate Metaverse Grid
AMV Freebies Mall has a little bit of everything ! Come and take a look, oh and bring a BIG bag. We carry Mesh avies, Furniture, Shoes, DJ equipment, Party balloons, Homes, Buildings, Hair, Art, Mens wear, Ladies wear, carpets and rugs, Jewelry, Plants
AMV Weddings
Alternate Metaverse offers free wedding venues to our residents, it is our way of showing how much your happiness means to us! Cataplexia Numbers has been a virtual world wedding planner and Wedding & Fantasy content creator for 15 years.
Advantis Freebie Cyberpunk Scifi City
Advantis Free Shopping City , Scifi - Cyber-punk Shopping area and Fun Beaches
Baboosic Lake
Part of our Amherst Green Project. Baboosic Lake was once a tourist attraction with camps and a ballroom that hosted well know n Big Band jazz musicians.
Zombie Jungle
An island far away, but not far enough fell victim to a toxic waste spill converting people, Jungle animals and even insects into hidious brainsucking Zombies! Can you survive the Zombie Jungle!
Black Rock Desert
The Black Rock Desert Nevada USA.
Summervale - Forever Summer
A seasonal summer region owned by Cataplexia Numbers & the home of Sk8 Roller Skating Club, Summervale Castle, The Dive Tiki Bar & The Hacienda- Alternate Metaverse Grid alternatemetaverswe.com:8002:Summervale
Great Western Railway
From Paddington to Penzance through the English countryside Ridable engines depart from platforms 1 & 2 at regular intervals. Circle Line for Dawlish Warren and Bath. ... Have Fun. :)
AquaReal - Ignis Fatuus
Free House Gallery 2 - for best architecture
Welcome to Free House Gallery A freebie sim for houses with format Only the best will find a place in this gallery.
Mystery Islands
Mysterious Jungle Island. Natural environment with immersive soundscape. Wander, explore, meditate, dance, photography. Earth Goddess. Clothing unnecessary ^_^
Free Park
Miles of beach, Adult spa, Art gallery,Air & Sea port, Horses & trails, ATVs, Sailing, deserted islands, & a few hot tubs. Bring your Sexy! Explore, Dance, Enjoy! . Clothing optional fuck yer burn! Free Park is based on Baker Beach in SF.
Isle of Eday
Remote island in the Scottish Orkneys, clifftop walks, safe cycling routes, youth hostel, B&B, Pub, Fingals Cave and more.Wet weather gear essential.No sunbathing please, it frightens the sheep!
The Rendezvous 2
The Rendezvous Regions (The Rendezvous & The Rendezvous 2) - Adults Only Resorts - Sexually open resorts - open for all adults on Alternate Metaverse Grid, and visiting ADULTS- No Child Avatars- you MUST agree to Terms Of Service on Regions and must be