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Black Angels, FUN ZOMBIE region Piggy Bank grid
For FUN ZOMBIES GAME touch the sign to tp XL Freebies shop near the landing ( wears, landscapes, animals, animesh, demons, skulls, skelettons, monsters, zombies, statues, decorations, coffins, Adult scripted stuff and more)......
Chubelz Welcome
Lucidus: L5 City
Theme is Dystopian Cyberpunk City post Apocoliptic
Anjuna Hilltop
Welcome to 3RD Rock Grid. For First time users, click on the left side of the welcome board to go the Freebie Center. For Visitors and Residents click on the Right side of the board to go to Navigation Island.
AMV Welcome
Welcome Area, Lounge & Starting Point for Alternate Metaverse Grid. A warm friendly Adult grid with open waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Self restarts from web https://www.alternatemetaverse.com
Freebie in orient Style
new freebie region, this time in orient style or for roleplay. Lots of new things to see and take away. Have fun with it and build on your regions.
Willywag Boat Launch
A great little place to hang out or launch a boat and explore the northern seas!
A medieval castle passed down through generations until the mid 1800s. Inhabited by a powerful Wizard, and his band of soldiers. -- Created by CyberGlo CyberStar
Auroras Realm
Medeival adult role play.
Chubelz Marketplace
A little bit of everything, sofa, chair, table, dining, fireplace, lights, lamp, patio, bathroom, living room, dining, bar, gorean, bed, dresser, bedroom, *guide*
Advantis Freebie Cyberpunk Scifi City
Advantis Free Shopping City , Scifi - Cyber-punk Shopping area and Fun Beaches
Ley Line
Am More focused on building objects in my region so its kind of empty in a way or full of spaces. I can only relax and be inspired in empty spaces. Yet am always developing new ideas so things might change at any given moment however with the same style.
The Florida Keys
an exact replica of your favorite islands.
AnatoBotanica is the name of the current sculpture collection I am doing IRL under MVN name, my initials.
The Bay
Angel Island, Alcatraz, take a drive on the Bay Bridge to Treasure island and various East Bay destinations.
Meridian S
Meridian-the lines connecting mankind with the Sea. A Mer & Undersea RP community accessible to all. Meridian spans an area of 9 5x5 central regions with 16 surrounding 5x5 regions - 345 meters deep (1000 ft)Alternate Metaverse Grid. Home to Club Neptune
Black Rock Desert
The Black Rock Desert Nevada USA.
Needful Things
Nautilus~Airport and Marina
Nautilus~ Airport has a Public Airport and Marina. There are gift shops a coffee house,Seaplanes , Jets and helicopters . The airport connects you to all the Nautilus Regions that are flyable and sailable.
Moonrose Shopping
Moonrose a shopping experience of a special kind we are diverse offer women as well as men clothes Mesh body for women Arthemis as well as for men Chonsu body. We are always looking for new challenges. We are everything, but not simple.
SandBox - Alternate Metaverse Grid
Public Sandbox for Alternate Metaverse Residents TAKE COPIES FREQUENTLY! OBJECTS AUTO RETURN IN 12 HOURS No Nudity - No Sex- No bullying or harassment tolerated
The Rendezvous 2
The Rendezvous Regions (The Rendezvous & The Rendezvous 2) - Adults Only Resorts - Sexually open resorts - open for all adults on Alternate Metaverse Grid, and visiting ADULTS- No Child Avatars- you MUST agree to Terms Of Service on Regions and must be
BOMBSHELL! Barbarellas Clutterfly Mall!
Nice Linda Kellie / Clutterfly stuff. LOTS of free shop space available for anyone who wants to do a legal freebie shop. The more the merrier! :)
Oahu Hawaii
A verdant sacred valley boasting several waterfalls, rivers through canyons, deep green valleys, and tropical Botanical Garden. Horseback is the best way to enjoy this (rezzer at the entrance).
Gulf Islands